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If you and your spouse are having marital problems and you feel they are too intense for you to handle alone, professional marriage counseling may be the perfect solution for you. At my office, Marinel Weaver, LCSW Psychotherapy & Consultation in La Mesa, CA, I specialize in couples counseling. I have been providing marriage counseling services throughout the area since 1994.

My marriage counseling services can be an effective solution at any stage of your marital problems, whether you are just beginning to have trouble, you have been having problems and are considering a separation, or you have already filed for divorce.

I will work with you and your spouse to help determine where the problems lie in your relationship. Based on this information, I will create a strategy to help you work through these issues together and build a stronger, lasting relationship.

I strive to create a warm and comfortable setting to help you feel safe and secure throughout your session. I have found this to be very helpful in easing some of the tension you may have when first entering into marriage therapy.

You may also rest assured whatever you share with me remains completely confidential. Building your trust in me is something I take seriously to help you and your spouse feel at ease and be able to speak openly during your marriage counseling sessions.

I help couples with all types of marriage issues, such as infidelity, abuse, grief, or addiction. I also specialize in interracial / inter culture counseling to help couples deal with issues that sometimes arise because of their different backgrounds or beliefs.

No matter what the issue you and your spouse might be dealing with, I am available to offer you a safe place for both of you to discuss your problems while I am here to offer you the support of my services as a trained and experienced marriage counselor.

It is not too late to restore your marriage! Find out more about my marriage counseling services by contacting me, Marinel Weaver, LCSW Psychotherapy & Consultation, serving residents in the La Mesa, CA area.

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